The first thing you should know about how to sharpen diamond blades is what does “dressing the blade” mean. The Matrix is based on several factors including the bonding materials, degrees of hardness and abrasive resistance to name a few. Terra Diamond uses the matrix chart below to help customize to our customer’s needs. The following chart classifies some of the more common refractory materials into five categories in order of hardness and ease of cutting. Class No. 1 is the hardest, therefore it is the most difficult to cut. While class No. 5 is the softest material and cuts with relative ease. When sharpening staggered teeth or trapezoidal teeth, it needs to do tilt adjustment for the axis of the diamond grinding wheel or the axis of the saw table clamped with a saw blade. The angle between the grinding wheel working face and the back teeth face is equal to the bevel angle of the back teeth, which should be sharpened staggered every other tooth. When sharpening the back of the flat teeth, the grinding wheel working face should be parallel to the back teeth face. The grinding parameters refer to grinding heat, feed speed, and grinding depth.

For example, when hard materials are cut, the diamonds should be smaller. A diamond blade is a saw blade which has diamonds fixed on its edge for cutting hard or abrasive materials. Concrete saw blades and core drills are a specialty of Wilder Diamond Blades. We supply the best diamond saw blades and core drills designed for the construction and concrete industries. We manufacture premium quality diamond blades for walk-behind concrete saws, wall saws, or hand held concrete cutting power saws. Concrete grinding wheels and concrete polishing pads are available in most grits, sizes and manufacturers. is one of the world’s largest wholesalers of diamond tooling in the USA. World Diamond Source offers top quality products, factory direct prices, and we pride ourselves on building relationships that last. Our product line contains a wide variety of wet & dry diamond blades from 2” to 72” for all applications, core bits, cup wheels, tuck pointing blades and other specialty diamond tools. Generally, these blades have medium to hard bonds for a range of wet and dry cutting applications, and can be used to cut a variety materials including marble, granite, concrete, and masonry.

If you want a bit more precision, a turbo rim blade is the best option for cutting through concrete with some precision. Abrasive discs tend to be out of different abrasive materials as well. Silicon carbide and aluminum oxides are two of the most widely used material to produce abrasive circular saw blades. Engis is a leading producer of electroplated diamond saw blades suppliers for use with Robotic Grinding Cells, CNC cut-off machining centers for optimum use. With extensive experience in the plated tool business, we can manufacture electroplated wheels to any shape and design meeting your most demanding application requirement. Next, make sure water is flowing to the blade, just like normal, and make a cut into the dressing stone, fire brick or whatever you are using. Once the blade is on the other side, shift the dressing stone over slightly and pull the blade back through to make a new cut. Repeat this process a few times, shifting your stone over between each pass so that you’re never cutting into the same groove twice.

Blades for quartz surfaces are also in the collection of blades designed for cutting stone countertops. As with other materials, quartz bridge saw blades must be designed for cutting quartz. Carefully designed specifications ensure that quartz blades from Tenax are quality and perform well for their intended purpose. Bond strengths may be soft, medium, or hard and determines the rate at which new diamond particles are exposed. For hard materials like granite, a blade with soft bond strength will provide the best cutting performance. Because diamond blades can vary so widely in price, you have to consider the value they bring to contractors. A Kia and a Porsche are both cars, but the Rio costs less than $20,000, and a Cayman retails north of $85,000. The Porche will also get you to the finish line on a track more quickly. I’m not being glib, but this is a fair parallel to the difference between current offerings in the marketplace.

It offers high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting and sawing operations. The Unifire Special Ops circular saw blade provides you with the ability to safely and quickly cut through a multitude of materials. With this blade you can cut through brick, 5000+ PSI concrete, ductile iron, cast iron, asphalt, metal, steel, rebar, reinforced concrete, stone, block, and more. These blades have no teeth, which is the main thing that differentiates them from standard circular saw blades. These kinds of blades are specifically designed to cut through materials like tile. Therefore, they are not particularly suited to cutting through the wood; that job is better left to standard circular saw blades.